POE: Stories
and Poems

A graphic collection, coming August 1, 2017

Ghosts, witches, madness and murder.

Romeo and Juliet
Love and tragedy in Verona, with modern overtones and a multi-racial cast.

The Merchant of Venice
Shakespeare's dark comedy about justice, commerce, and the human heart.

King Lear
Sheakespeare's great tragedy about an old king driven mad and a kingdom shattered.

Samurai Rising
Action-packed nonfiction by Pam Turner (not a graphic novel).

The Odyssey
My magnum opus: Homer's Epic, faithfully retold in 250 pages of watercolor illustration.

The viking hero with the strength of thirty men steps up to face three horrific monsters.

Gifts From the Gods - stories from Greek and Roman mythology, written by Lise Lunge-Larsen.

Older Works:

Bearskin - My first graphic novel, based on a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.
"Three Strong Women" - a 12-page short I did for the Imagination Rocket educational anthology
Deus Ex Machina - the online comic which was the original genesis of THECOMIC.COM
"Gulliver's Travels" - an 11-page short I did for the Small Press Expo 2003 anthology
Cosmic - a 40-page sci-fi comic I drew for a game company way back in 1996-7